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Unilorin Alumi Association: 'We were warned' - Opinion

July 17, 2023

Unilorin Alumi Association: 'We were warned' - Opinion

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It is very painful that one of us is taking the whole association for a ride on its determination to resolve all issues as members of a family.

A former President of our association, Prof. Rhoda Olape ODUWAIYE warned the association of the consequences of chosing Dr Wale FASHAKIN, who was strategizing to succeed her. She based her warning on gross misconducts committed by Dr Wale FASHAKIN who was a member of EXCO during her tenure. Alas, all efforts to get better candidate failed as those that were most qualified were not ready for the clarion call.

Dr Wale FASHAKIN singlehandedly formed a parallel association against Conference of Alumni Association of Nigerian Universities (CAANU) using UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION resources. He made himself the chairman of Association of Nigeria Universities Alumni and register the same with CAC using unconstitutional approach.

Shortly after he emerged the President of our association, pandemic broke out. All activities around the globe were under lock but the accounts of our association remained unaffected throughout the lockdown with frequent depletion value through serial and frivolous withdrawals.

The misconducts levelled against Dr Wale FASHAKIN cut short his regime and a caretaker committee chaired by Engr Iswat AKANBI-LAWAL was put in place.

Seeing disunity among members, all the Past Presidents of the association invited the caretaker and Dr Wale FASHAKIN's committees to Kwara Hotel on Saturday, 26 June 2021, to resolve all issues amicably. Efforts of the Elders led to the mutual formation of a steering committee chaired by Prof. J.O. Ojuade.

However, shortly after the intervention of the Past Presidents, Dr FASHAKIN was not satisfied as Prof. Ojuade tenure has witnessed serial court cases and invitations by security agencies. All the invitations were initiated by complaints from Dr FASHAKIN to those agencies/courts.

Upon assumption of office, the Vice-Chanellor initiated a unity committee to midwife new set of leaders for the association inwhich Dr FASHAKIN agreed to serve as a member but has technically withdrawn. This is based on his actions after the formation of the committee that everybody hope would bring all alumni together and rekindle the association.

Currently, our association issues are subject of discussion at the Police Force Headquarters, Abuja.

Indeed, Dr FASHAKIN has crossed the Rubicon. He has attack the personality of all past presidents and damage the image of the association.

Personally, I do not blame Dr Wale FASHAKIN to prove too big to be handled by all Alumni and Alumnae but our laissez faire to the association. Therefore, all hands must be on deck on this recovery mission in repositioning, reshaping and taking our association to the deserved pedestal.


Engr. M.W. Kareem, PhD, is the Oyo State Chapter Chairman, he writes from Oyo State.

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