Man, 32, dies after failed genital enlargement procedure
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Man, 32, dies after failed genital enlargement procedure

July 10, 2023

Man, 32, dies after failed genital enlargement procedure

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An unidentified 32-year-old German has died following a failed penis enlargement after he had silicone oil injected into his genitalia by a catering worker posing as a medic.

According to a report by DailyMail online, he succumbed to sepsis seven months later, after being struck down by a string of health complications.

The man alleged to have carried out the procedure, referred to as Torben K, who advertised his jabs through an online advert, has no medical qualifications, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors claim that the victim received the injection into his penis and scrotum at 46-year-old Torben K's apartment in the city of Solingen.

The victim reportedly began experiencing breathing problems shortly after returning home from the procedure to his native Hesse, a region in central Germany.

According to local media, he sought aid from Giessen University Hospital and later spent months in agony on an intensive care ward.

Prosecutors claim the injections caused the victim to suffer sepsis, an over-reaction of the body's immune system due to an infection.

High State Prosecutor Wolf-Tilman Baumert told local media that the silicone oil, unfortunately, ended up in his bloodstream.

“This led to severe health complications and, eventually, to his death,” the report said.

He added: 'The fact that the man asked for the treatment is irrelevant from our point of view. The defendant acted in a highly immoral manner.'

The trial is currently underway with a verdict expected later this month.

Liquid silicone injections for genital enlargement have been used for years, despite the risks involved.

They work by provoking the body's immune system to react to the foreign substance by forming a thick mass called a granuloma.

This, in theory, increases the size and thickness of the tissue injected, giving men the bigger genitalia, they desire.

However, this cosmetic procedure is banned in the UK due to the serious risks involved. 

One of the main risks is a condition called siliconoma.

This is where a severe inflammatory reaction to the silicone occurs in the tissues following the injection, which then needs to be removed. 

Surgery to excise the silicone is usually the only solution but the damage can often be permanent. 

The unnamed German man is just one of dozens who have been maimed in the pursuit of larger or more aesthetically pleasing penis. 



Source – Daily Mail

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