Just In: 1.8m pilgrims perform 2024 hajj, 250,000 deported; 300,000 denied entry
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Just In: 1.8m pilgrims perform 2024 hajj, 250,000 deported; 300,000 denied entry

June 15, 2024

Just In: 1.8m pilgrims perform 2024 hajj, 250,000 deported; 300,000 denied entry

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A total of 1,833,164 male and female pilgrims from across the world are performing the ongoing 2024 hajj in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the authorities have revealed.

Amongst the pilgrims is a 130 year old Haaj Sarahouda Stiti from Algeria who is the oldest pilgrim in 2024.

Haaj Sarahouda Stiti

The pilgrims also include the Prime Minister of the Republic of Niger Ali Lamine Zeine and the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Ali Lamine Zeine

According to the data released, 4, 714 pilgrims arrived through the land ports; 1, 546, 345 arrived air ports; while 60, 251 pilgrims arrived via sea ports.

Pilgrims from, from Arab countries accounted for 22.3% of the total pilgrims; while worshippers from the Asian countries, excluding Arab countries accounted for 63.3%.

Pilgrims from African countries, excluding Arab countries took 11.3%, with the remaining 3.2% from Europe, North America, South America, and Australia.

- Pilgrims

0ver 300 persons were stopped from entering for the pilgrimage for not having hajj permits, while 250, 000 people who did not have valid hajj permit were deported.

This was announced on the official handle of the News publication ‘inside the Haramain’, and other platforms.

“The Ministry of Interior has announced the deportation of 250, 000 people who did not have valid Hajj permit,” the short statement reads.

Although, the authorities did not disclose the nationality of the affected deportees, HorizonTimes gathered that nine Pakistani residents and Indian expatriates on visit visas for fraud for promoting forged hajj cards were arrested.

- Some of the arested suspects.

They were arrested two days ago by the Holy Capital Police.

A day earlier, the Police had arrested four Indonesian residents and an expatriate for promoting and selling forged hajj permit and bracelets.

An Egyptian resident was also arrested the same day for ‘promoting a fake hajj campaign and selling counterfeit bracelets’ by the Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region Police.

The pilgrims began their hajj rites on Friday, on Saturday assembled at the mountain ‘Arafah which is the most important aspect of hajj. Sick pilgrims are transported to ‘Arafah in ambulances.

An ambulance fleet was launched to transport hospitalized pilgrims from hospitals in Madinah to Makkah to perform their hajj rituals.


- A sick pilgrim 

Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly delivered the hajj khutbah which was translated into 20 languages from masjid Nimrah in ‘Arafah.

- Sheikh Maher

After the sunset on Saturday, the pilgrims will proceed to Muzdalifah where they will perform Magrib and Isha, collect the pebbles and pray fajr on Sunday before proceeding to Jamrah


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