Gombe PDP throws weight behind Peter Obi
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Gombe PDP throws weight behind Peter Obi

May 10, 2022

Gombe PDP throws weight behind Peter Obi

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Satisfied with his intended approach to tackle Nigeria's socioeconomic challenges, Gombe State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman, Abnon Kwaskebe, has assured one of the party's Presidential aspirants, Peter Obi, of Gombe delegates support.

Kwaskebe told Peter Obi after he and other delegates were dazzled with data, facts and figures of how Nigeria got to it's present predicament and how the aspirant intends to get the country out of the woods.

The meeting between the aspirant and all the PDP delegates took place at the Gombe State PDP Secretariat, along Bauchi road in Gombe.

According to Kwaskebe, the delegates from Gombe State will give opportunity to Peter Obi to bring the country out of the woods.

Earlier, Obi had told the delegates that the country is where it is today because of long neglect of it's productive population from growing the country in all spheres.

He said, "We've had leadership problems because we didn't invest in our young men yesterday. They were denied opportunity of a means of livelihood and they are taking their revenge today on the society".

He described as a very unfortunate situation where, "We can no longer feed ourselves as Nigerians because we can no longer go to our farms due to insecurity."

He said Nigerian Government keeps burrowing everyday and attributing it for capital projects, whereas, there is non to show. 

Regrettably, he said, "servicing our debts is taking 90 percent of our money even amidst high prices in the market, making feeding now a big problem ".

In an interview with newsmen, Obi said his first, second and third priority if given the mandate, will be education.

According to him, "Education is the most important investment any nation can give to it's people and for me, the problems we have today are people we didn't educate yesterday.

"So we need to educate them and we need to ensure that they have a means of livelihood. I am not undermining health, I have to focus on HDI, Human Development Index, with long life expectancy which is health, education and per capital income which is bringing people out of poverty ", he explained.

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